Burley Pet & Cargo Trailers


Looking to bring your furry friend for a ride? Or maybe you need to haul some bags across the island? These pet and cargo trailers are what you'll need.

We have two sizes and models available. The Burley Tail Wagon (listed on our website as "small") is a great option for small to medium sized dogs while The Burley Bark Ranger XL (listed on our website as "large") is great for larger dogs. See specifications below to determine what the best option would be for your pettable companion.

All of our pet trailers are fully enclosed with a solid bottom to keep your pup safe and comfortable. You are welcome to bring some extra blankets and toys to put inside with your dog for some added comfort.

The Burley Tail Wagon (Listed as "small" on our website)
Max pet weight
- 75lb/34kg
Max pet height
- 23"/54.8cm
Max pet length
- 29"/73.7cm

The Burley Bark Ranger XL (Listed as "large" on our website)
Max pet weight
- 100lb/45kg
Max pet height
- 34"/86.4cm
Max pet length
- 33"/83.8cm

Please note that Pet/Cargo trailers are not intended for use by children. You cannot put your child in the cart alone or with a pet or cargo.

These trailers do fit on most, but not all of our bicycles. They cannot be attached to any of our e-bikes, tandem bikes, trikes, kids bikes, and a select few of our mountain bikes.

If you are planning to attach one of our trailers to your own bike please note that our hitches do not fit most bikes with disc brakes, rear suspension, or mono stay bicycles. If you are unsure of if your bike is compatible please email us a picture or the model of bike you have and we will do our best to provide guidance. Please keep in mind that we will not know for 100% certain until we see your bike in person.

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