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If you don't know right off the bat what you're looking for, take a look through all of our rental products to see what might work best for you.

Burley Kids & Youth Trailers

Are the kids not quite ready to ride all day long? You can still bring them along for the ride with our Burley D'L ...

Burley Pet & Cargo Trailers

Looking to bring your furry friend for a ride? Or maybe you need to haul some bags across the island? These pet an ...


Want to get around quickly, still get some exercise, and retain a good portion of your energy? Our e-bikes are a g ...

Evo Latitude Adult Tricycles

Been a while since you've rode a bike and not sure if two wheels is your thing anymore? We have a selection of adu ...

Kids & Youth Bikes

Are your kids ready to ride? If you've decided to bring them along, we've got a selection of youth bikes available ...

Mountain/Hybrid Step-Over Bikes

If you are looking for a more versatile ride we have a selection of mountain/hybrid bikes available for rent. Our ...