Want to get around quickly, still get some exercise, and retain a good portion of your energy? Our e-bikes are a great way to check off all three boxes!

Our fleet of e-bikes consists of Ecolocycle Max SE, and Ecolocycle Monza bikes. Both of these bikes have the ability to be used as a pedal assist or fully electric saving you both time and energy.

Please note that riders must be at least 18 years of age to ride e-bikes, this is a requirement by our insurance company, there are no exceptions.

Please note that ALL RIDERS, REGARDLESS OF AGE MUST WEAR A HELMET when using any of our equipment. This is a requirement by our insurance provider and is noted on the waiver that each person must sign. Helmets are available and included in the rental fees, however you are welcome to bring your own helmet if you prefer. It is law in Ontario that all people riding an e-bike must wear a helmet at all times.

The photos shown on our website are for reference only. We have multiple styles and colours of bicycles so the bike that you receive may vary from what you see online.

Multi-Day Rentals
We prefer not to rent e-bikes overnight
, however if you would like to we will allow it in most circumstances. Overnight and multi-day e-bike rentals are subject to a $500 security hold on your credit card which will be released when the bike is returned in acceptable condition.

We will provide you with a bike cover and we ask that you use it when leaving the bike overnight or for prolonged periods, especially when it is raining or may rain.

We will allow you one fully charged battery per day. We will not deliver a new batter to you each day, you will be responsible for coming to pick a new battery up each day that you require one. If you run out of battery during the day you can get a second one for an additional $5 plus HST, this is subject to availability and we may not have enough batteries to give you a fully charged replacement.

What does pedal assist mean?
Pedal assist means that the electric motor will only work while you are pedalling, as soon as you stop pedalling the motor stops running. Basically as you pedal the motor gives you a boost that way you are still getting some good exercise, but do't have to tire yourself out too early in the day. Depending on which bike you receive there are up to six levels of pedal assist that you can toggle through while riding. A common misconception with pedal assist is that the battery recharges while you pedal - this is not true! The higher your pedal assist setting is the more battery you will use.

What does fully electric mean?

When you have the bike set to fully electric mode you can ride it by using the hand throttle, similar to how you would ride a motorcycle or moped. When on fully electric mode you do not need to do any pedalling whatsoever, but keep in mind that when using the throttle your battery will deplete much quicker.

Here are some specifications from the manufacturer. These may slightly vary depending on which bike model you receive.

Max weight:
275lb / 125kg
Max speed:
32km/hour, All of our e-bikes are limited to this speed in compliance with provincial laws.
Max distance:
Up to 95km in assistance mode by pedalling at level one depending on drivers weight, the road terrain, the degree of ascent, and the wind.