Evo Latitude Adult Tricycles


Been a while since you've rode a bike and not sure if two wheels is your thing anymore? We have a selection of adult sized tricycles available for rent.

Our adult tricycles feature locking brakes to keep your trike from rolling away at a stop, a large comfortable seat, and a large cargo basket on the back. The cargo basked is not to be used to hold a person by any means.

We should note that some people do find tricycles a bit difficult to steer due to the nature of how tricycles in general are built. If you choose a tricycle because you have never rode a bike, or it has been a long time you may still have issues with these tricycles. We do have a handful of people each year, in all age groups, who try the tricycle in our driveway and decide that it is not something that they will be able to do. In a case like this where you try it in our driveway and find that you are not comfortable riding we may provide you with a refund.

Please note that ALL RIDERS, REGARDLESS OF AGE MUST WEAR A HELMET when using any of our equipment. This is a requirement by our insurance provider and is noted on the waiver that each person must sign. Helmets are available and included in the rental fees, however you are welcome to bring your own helmet if you prefer.

The photos shown on our website are for reference only. We have multiple styles and colours of bicycles so the bike that you receive may vary from what you see online.