Tandem Bikes


Looking for a new challenge or to try something different? A tandem bike might be exactly what you're looking for, but it also might not be.

Tandem bikes have two seats, one in front and one behind and requires some serious synchronization between both riders to get going and keep balanced. If you can find someone else who is up to the challenge with you, then a tandem bike can be a fun way to explore Pelee Island, even if you don't fall in love with it you'll be able to say you tried it once and you'll have a fun story to tell.

At this time we have one tandem bicycle with a basket on the front and the rest of our tandems only have racks on the back where you can strap down a bag with one of our supplied bungee cords.

PLEASE NOTE: Tandem bikes ARE NOT an appropriate alternative for people who have never, or cannot ride a bike. Both riders are required to pedal and must be able to properly balance. If anything tandem bikes are typically more difficult to learn how to ride than a standard bicycle.

Tandem bikes are not able to pull any of our cargo, pet, or kids trailers.

Please note that ALL RIDERS, REGARDLESS OF AGE MUST WEAR A HELMET when using any of our equipment. This is a requirement by our insurance provider and is noted on the waiver that each person must sign. Helmets are available and included in the rental fees, however you are welcome to bring your own helmet if you prefer.

The photos shown on our website are for reference only. We have multiple styles and colours of bicycles so the bike that you receive may vary from what you see online.