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Rental Rates

Below you will find rental rates for pre-defined periods for each of our rental items.

Reservations must be made at least 1 hour before check-in time. After that we accept walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis.

All of our items have a minimum 3 hour rental time.

If you are having issues making a reservation online you can make your reservation by calling 519.724.2828 during regular business hours.

If all of our items are showing as out of stock, please contact us as we may have additional stock available that is not shown online.

SUPER IMPORTANT! Please make sure that EVERYONE signs a waiver before arrival! The waiver is lengthy and typically takes a few minutes per person to fill out. We only have three tablets available for use to sign waivers so if there is a long line of people waiting to sign waivers it could DRASTICALLY increase the amount of time that it takes for you to check in, thus cutting your day a bit shorter. If you are making a reservation please use the link that is provided to you in your confirmation email to sign the waiver (and forward it to everyone you have made a reservation for, every participant must sign their own waiver). If you are walking if you may use this generic waiver link: https://ewaiverpro.app/edoc/ThePeleeShop

Trailers & Youth Bikes

3 Hours - $15 plus tax

Full Day - $25 plus tax

24 Hours - $35 plus tax

1 Week - $125 plus tax

Adult Pedal Bikes & Trikes

3 Hours - $35 plus tax

Full Day - $45 plus tax

24 Hours - $55 plus tax

1 Week - $225 plus tax

eBikes & Tandems

3 Hours - $65 plus tax

Full Day - $75 plus tax

24 Hours - $85 plus tax

1 Week - $375 plus tax

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How To Rent A Bike

The process of renting a bike is pretty simple! Here is a quick little step by step guide to get you started!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 519.724.2828 or [email protected].

  • The first thing you're going to want to do is select the pickup and return date and time from the selection box at the top of this page. Simply click on the box and it will allow you to select a rental duration of 3 hours, 1 day, 24 hours, or 1 week.

    Select the duration, then select the time you would like to pick up your rental, depending on what duration you choose it may automatically fill out the return time and date for you as well.

    If you would like to rent for a period of time not pre-defined on this website please call us at 519.724.2828 and we will happily reserve a custom period of time for you.

  • Once you have your date(s) selected you can now scroll above to see some of our most popular rentals or click here to view all of our rental products. Since you have already selected your time and date of rental you should see availability listed below each product. Find the style that you like and click into it for more details.

  • Depending on the style of rental product that you choose there may be different sizes available. If this is the case there will be a dropdown menu where you can select which size bike you want. To make things easier we have included guidelines for each size based on the riders height.

    Select the size you want, then the quantity of bikes in that style and size combination that you would like to rent and click add to cart.

    Please note if for example you want one small and one regular sized bike of the same style you will have to add one small to your cart and then go back and add one regular to your cart.

  • Once you've got all of your rental equipment added to your cart click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page then click on either "View Cart".

    Once you are on the Cart page you will be able to double check all of your rental details, as well as change the check-in and return dates and times. If you require delivery you can select the "free delivery" checkbox at the bottom of the page. Please make sure that you review all of this information just in case something got reset somewhere along the way. We would hate for you to show up expecting bikes but the date, time or bike size and style was submitted incorrectly.

    Once you confirm your details click "Checkout". From there you can log in if you have an account with us already. Sign up if you would like an account, or click "Continue as guest" to proceed to the checkout without an account.

    Once you have logged in, or proceeded as a guest you will be able to fill out your contact information, as well as list the names of each person you are renting for, how many adults and minors are participating, and the delivery location (if applicable).

    Once you have the information filled out you will click "Continue to payment" where it will ask you for your credit card details.

    Your card will be charged for the full amount at the time of booking.

  • Once you have made your reservation you should receive two emails. One will be the reservation confirmation email. And the other will be asking you to sign the Waiver and Rental Agreement. You may also recieve an automatic text message with a link to sign the wavier.

    These documents must be signed by all riders over the age of 18, anyone under 18 must have the documents signed by a parent of guardian on their behalf.

    The waiver and rental agreement email that you receive will have a link to the documents. This is a unique link specifically for your reservation, it is imperative that all people you have booked for sign the waiver from that link. Even if they have already signed the wavier elsewhere they should do it again at the link provided in the email you receive so that all of the waivers are bundled together and linked to your reservation. When you fill out the waiver do not click "Sign another waiver" at the end, instead close out of it and click on the provided link again to sign the next waiver, this will ensure that your groups waivers will all be properly linked.

    You will need to forward the link to everyone in your booking group via email or text message. If you have any issues with this process please let us know vie email at [email protected] or phone at 519.724.2828.

    Ensuring that everyone has signed the waivers prior to arrival will help speed up the check-in process giving you more time to explore the island!